Benefits of Bowhunting May 10 2018

                  Your spouse may not believe you if your reason for that upcoming bow hunting trip is to better your health. “Bow hunting, good for your health? Yeah, right!” They may say in disbelief. But it’s true! Below are six ways bow hunting can be beneficial to your health.

  1. It helps you learn how to focus. When you participate in archery, you learn how to tune out all distractions and focus solely upon your form. After all, it’s important to release your bowstring in a consistent manner. While it may not seem like it, practicing your concentration skills during archery can help you in other areas of your life as well. Not to mention when you compete in archery tournaments, this will help teach you how to cope with high pressure situations.
  2. It increases your strength. Archery helps build muscles in your arms, core, hands, chest, and shoulders when you achieve a proper draw. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to ask a professional to set your bow to the correct draw weight (to avoid drawing with too much weight, thus resulting in injury). As your strength and skill set starts to grow, increase your draw weight.
  3. You will establish coordination. You must be quick if you want to execute a decent shot. This involves placing your feet in the correct position, nocking your arrow, gripping the bow (but not too firmly), pushing the bow away as you’re pulling the bowstring, finding your anchor point, and then releasing. These steps only take a few seconds, but each will affect your shot in the end. As your practice, you will build muscle memory and shooting will become second nature to you.
  4. It’s a great form of exercise. Your upper body receives a workout from drawing your bow, and you’ll burn calories from all of the walking you will do moving between targets, moving locations, etc.
  5. You’ll build confidence. When bow hunting, you can compete with others or just yourself. The sport is more than just hitting the target, however. Studies have shown that shooting your bow and steady improving in form will help build up your self esteem.
  6. You’ll learn how to relax. Many partakers of bow hunting will tell you that the sport is calming and relieves stress. Learning how to focus while building up strength and self esteem can work wonders on a person, and your body will feel great since it’s technically getting exercise too.