Do You Need Decoys to Duck Hunt? February 11 2020

Duck hunting is a hobby that is filled with joy and great memories. However, it can be quite a hassle to amass decoys every time you want to go out on an adventure. Many hunters want to know if it's possible to hunt ducks without the use of a decoy. The answer to that question is a resounding yes! While decoys make duck hunting much easier, you can still successfully bag some birds with some skill and dedication. Here are a few tips to make the process that much easier.

Scout The Grounds In Advance
It may seem pretty obvious to some, but you need to confirm that there are enough ducks living in the area you want to hunt in. Having a general understanding of the grounds you are about to inhabit is mandatory. If you don't have any decoys, you can't rely on ducks that are just passing through.

Make sure that ducks inhabit the area before you spend an entire day hunting. The best way to do that is to scout the grounds a day or two before your big hunt. Check for signs of ducks in the water and evidence that they often fly through the trees. This is the easiest way to tell if ducks are currently living in the area.

Utilize Natural Funnels
The landscape you are hunting in will most likely have several chokepoints that make it easier to hunt. Chokepoints are essentially narrow spaces that make it easier to predict how ducks will move as they fly past. If you are in a wide-open area, the ducks you are targeting have way more ways to maneuver and avoid your shots. Finding natural passageways and waiting for ducks to fly through is your best bet. This gives you a far greater chance of hitting your target since you can tell exactly where they will be flying.

Conceal Yourself Flawlessly
Decoys offer a great distraction that makes it less likely that a duck will notice your presence. If you aren't using a decoy, you need to go the extra mile to conceal yourself perfectly. That is the only way any ducks will get close enough for you to take a shot. To do this, you will need excellent camo and a great place to hide. Try using tall weeds and other types of foliage as a way to blend into the environment. If your camo matches the natural pattern of your surroundings, the average duck won't be able to detect you.

Although decoys make duck hunting much more manageable, you can still bag plenty of targets with some preparation and tenacity. Always remember to scout the area, use natural funnels, and conceal yourself immaculately in order to improve your chances of success. With some practice, you can master the art of hunting ducks without the use of any decoys.