Four Tips to Becoming a Bass Master April 12 2018

                  When it comes to bass fishing, are you mediocre? Tired of dreaming of the big catch and actually want to bring it home? Well, you’re in luck! Here are four easy steps you can take to being a bass master.

  1. Try not to get comfortable. Don’t go to the same spot over and over again or use the same lure each time. Don’t think that just because you caught one while wearing your favorite t-shirt means that is the t-shirt you should wear every time. There’s no magic trick to fishing successfully. Switch up your spot and your lures. Don’t stay in the same spot unless it has given you a positive response the past several times you’ve used it.
  2. Get outdoors, even on overcast days. You don’t need sunshine to have the perfect fishing day experience. Bass are low-light predators and should be easier to catch on days when there is wind, it’s cloudy, and/or it’s early in the morning or late in the evening.
  3. Tick ‘em off. That’s right – aggravate the bass! Bass aren’t the type to always bite because they’re hungry. Most times, a response of aggression. Drop your lure near the bass and move it around erratically; you just might get a reaction and a fish to take home.
  4. Bring it in slowly. When it comes to reeling in, don’t let the line go slack, but don’t fight to bring it in too quickly either. You don’t want the line to break!