How To Fish For Bass July 17 2020


1. Check the Weather Report

A major mistake that a lot of novice anglers make is not realizing that bass behavior changes with the weather. Sunny weather makes a bass lazy and they’ll stick to cover, waiting for their meal to come to them. On an overcast day, they will be more active. Being prepared for the different situations and adapting your behavior accordingly will make your bass fishing experience much more successful.


2. Consider the Water Temperature

Just like the weather affects behavior, so does the water temperature. Like most fish, the bass is less active in colder water and more active in warmer water. It makes sense, then, to use less active bait in colder water; a lazy fish doesn’t want to work as hard for its meal and is more likely to go after less active bait. For water that’s somewhere in the middle, there’s a much wider range of lures and baits that are effective.


3. Look Where the Fish Live

Any time you’re looking for a specific type of fish, you have to understand where you need to be looking. Bass like the cover because it helps to keep them hidden from their prey. Look for docks, rock outcroppings, grass, and lily pads. Bass hanging out in cover are much easier to catch than bass that are in open water. They can often be found in cloudy or muddy water, so a bait that will create some ripple effect in the water will do a better job attracting the fish than one that doesn’t.


4. Know The Fish’s Die

Bass eat a wide range of food, so it’s a good idea to do some research and figure out what the bass in your area are eating and choose your lure based on that. For example, if your bass is eating shad, choose a silver lure. Try to mimic the look of the favored food in the area. Match your bait to the lure as well.


5. The Wind Is Your Friend

While a windy day can be a pain for any angler, it might actually work in your favor when bass fishing. The rippling water will distract the bass enough that they may not notice the movement of a boat. It will also stimulate them and make them more likely to bite. So don’t pack it in just because it’s windy.