The Benefits of Hunting February 12 2018

Depending on whom you ask, you will get a wide variety of answers when posing the question, “What are your thoughts on hunting?” Some enjoy it, some don’t partake in it, and others have negative opinions on the act of killing an animal. There are benefits to hunting, however, that prove it’s not just a pointless, cruel act committed upon a helpless animal each hunting season.

  1. Hunting helps with wildlife conservation. Yes, you read that correctly! Although it seems a bit contradictory, the selling of hunting licenses, firearms, and other supplies helps play a crucial role in conserving wildlife resources and animals. Many states use the money received from hunting licenses for conservation funding in order to conduct research, maintain management, and monitor diseases.
  2. Hunting helps the economy. In some states, hunting is a big source of economic wealth. Avid hunters are quick to purchase firearms, ammunition, clothing, lodging, etc., in preparation of the season.
  3. Hunting helps maintain a healthy deer population. Without the help of hunting, it would be too easy for the deer population to overflow, causing damage to the ecosystem, the excessive eating of plants, malnutrition, and the decline in health and overall well being of deer. Recreational hunting has proven to be the best method of controlling the deer population.