What Is The Best Bait For Freshwater Fishing? January 30 2020

When a person is going to go freshwater fishing they must be using the correct bait. They need to use bait that the fish will and increase their chances of catching the big one. These are some of the best types of bait to use for freshwater fishing.


The bigger fish like to eat fish that are smaller than they are. Minnows are popular and large shiners are the best type of use. The minnow should be placed upside down on the hook. Do not puncture the spinal cord of the minnow or it will not be able to swim around.


Freshwater clams make great bait. Right before fishing a person should go into the shallow water and rake up the clams. To put the clam on the line crack open the shell or cut out the clam meat and put it on the hook.


This bait is good if a person is fishing for bass or panfish. The crayfish should be put on the line from the tail.


Some bugs fish like to eat and make great bait. Grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, and crickets are good for catching fish. Fish eat bugs in nature so it is natural that they would go after this bait. A person can catch their bugs or they can be purchased in a bait shop.


This classic bait is still a favorite of fish when a person is going freshwater fishing. Worms can be found in the yard or they can also be purchased in a container. The type of worm that will be used will depend on the type of fish a person is trying to catch. Trout like smaller worms such as the manure worm. To keep the smaller fish from eating the bait only put a piece of the worm on the hook. It should be threaded on so a fish does not steal it and swim away.


Shrimp make a good bait in freshwater especially the cooler water. Catfish love frozen shrimp so this is a good way to attract them. The shell and the tail should be removed from the shrimp before it is used as bait.

Dough Balls

Dough balls can be purchased in a store or some people like to make their own. They are usually made from a mixture of flour, cornmeal, sugar, and water. Fish like them so they may a good bait.

These are the best types of bait to use when freshwater fishing. The fish will be attracted to this bait and a person will have the chance to catch them.